Richard R. Angus Professional Development Scholarship Instructions



Required douments for a complete application:

  • Application
  • Chapter President (or designee) Statement of Support (If Applicant is Chapter President - Past President should submit)
  • Immediate Supervisor Statement of Support

Deadline: December 1

(An additional call for applications on March 1 and again on May 1 may be made pending funding and board approval.)


Epsilon Sigma Phi, through the ESP Development Fund, provides $2,000 annually to fund scholarships
not to exceed $500 per member to encourage, stimulate, and support professional development through
participation in courses, seminars, conferences or workshops.


  • ESP members whose dues are paid for the previous year and the current year by February 1 are
    eligible for this scholarship.
  • Scholarships will be awarded based of the following criteria:
Followed application procedures
5 points
Relevance and potential of proposed study to the overall
Professional development of the applicant
40 points
Relevance of proposed study to their state's emphasis on
40 points
Involvement in ESP
15 points
Total 100 points

Application Submission:

Proposal must be for a project that will be completed after the May 1 announcement date.

  1. Complete:
    * Richard R. Angus Professional Development Scholarship Application form.  
  2. Request Statements of Support  from:
    * Chapter President
    * Immediate Supervisor (unless life member)

All forms must be submitted online  no later than March 1.

 Selection Process:

  • The Scholarships, Grants and Recognition Committee will submit selection recommendations to the
    National ESP Board.
  • Regional representation will be considered; however, discretion will be used depending on the number
    and quality of applications.
  • Decisions will be announced by the National ESP President by May 1.

Reimbursement Procedure:

Funds must be used within one year of announcement of award. Upon completion of study, the scholarship
recipient will forward to the ESP Executive Director:

  • Request for scholarship payment.
  • Proof of participation.
  • Financial statement including receipts showing payment for registration fees, travel, lodging, etc.
  • Brief report for possible use in ESP Connection Newsletter.

Questions: Contact the National ESP Scholarships, Grants and Recognition Committee Chair.