ESPHeader100thInstructions for Using the Scholarship Application Website

The Scholarship Application Website is laid out so that everything that is needed is listed under each tab. Clicking on the tab will show an article that explains the pupose of the scholarship, the procedure for applying and the scoresheet by which they will be evaluated. If letters of support are required, they are listed in the drop down menu directly below the application menu item.  The forms are designed to return an email to the applicant and the national office for each application entered.  Individuals submitting letters of support on behalf of the scholarship applicant will receive an email containing their submission as will the national office.  In addition to the email confirmations, the information is captured in the online database that is a part of the ESP National Website.  The system is as secure as current technology allows.

Things to watch for when completing an application -

  • Please observe deadlines.  Each Application is date-stamped when it is entered.
  • Make sure that you have used corret email addresses
  • When word limits are noted - do not exceed these limits as extra characters are not saved!
  • When you are entering the letters into the "Captcha" field just prior to submitting - if you can't read them click for a new set.  You may need to do this multiple times.  Some of the letters generated are difficult to read but you can always get a readable set.
  • If you press "Submit" and nothing happens - scan your application to see if you have any "Invalid Input" letters located below any of your answers.  If you do make the necessary corrections and resubmit.